Welcome to Prime Film Ventures


Our mission at Prime Film Ventures is to seek out and help produce the next great story in any medium or mediums where it can best be served. We are interested in being a part of the conception, creation, and promotion of fiction and non-fiction books, feature films, documentaries, and docudramas and TV action, drama, sitcoms, and reality shows.

The stories we are looking for must be high-concept  “what if” easy-to-sell stories that sell themselves. They must jump off of the pages or off of the screen and grab the attention of the readers/viewers immediately without question. If the stories are shocking, frightening, revealing, or all of those things or if the stories are  true, fact-based, or based on actual events, that is exactly what we are looking for.

If the stories are fictional or loosely based on true events, then the stories must have a unique concept, twist, or topic that will peak the interest of a wide-spread audience. The concept must sell the book or film project on its own with just a simple, briefly-stated high-concept log line or synopsis.

If you have a “great”  story like the ones described above, we would like to talk with you about it.