Spirit Falls


Synopsis Introduction

Inspired by horror films about an evil threat that moves about unseen and undetected, inhabiting or possessing the body of any man, woman, child, or animal, and sparking fear, panic, chaos, distrust, and violence among family, friends, and associates. Whether it comes from alien, demon, or from the Devil himself, there is no fear like the fear of thinking that death may be lurking in the body of someone or something right beside you that you once trusted or loved.

This “The Thing” meets “Storm of the Century” horror thriller may once again bring back the bone-chilling and long-lingering fear that you experienced from a childhood exposure to a really scary and believable story. This story could easily be a sequel to the 1998 film, “Fallen,” starring Denzel Washington, John Goodman, and Donald Sutherland which featured the antagonist Azazel, a fallen angel, and body-hopping demon.

This is the continuing story of Azazel, a fallen angel and body-hopping demon who has existed from the dawn of time, moving from place to place worldwide, feeding off of the sex, fear, uncertainty, anger, in- fighting, and terror that are generated among the victims in his path.

The fear and believability of this story comes from Azazel’s recorded existence, which is backed up by biblical text, text in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and text in other ancient documents. He was reported to have escaped the great flood by entering the body of one of the he-goats in the seven goat-pairs that entered the Ark. Dialogue in a professor’s speech to frightened townspeople may reinforce believability to a point that audiences might research and talk about it for weeks afterward, and possibly once again fear and widespread panic may result such as that experienced by viewers of “The Exorcist.”

Beginning with a homeless man’s encounter with a stray animal in a Los Angeles alleyway, an unbelievable terror-ridden ordeal occurs following a bus trip to a small desert town just west of LA, Spirit Falls. Strange and eerie occurrences lead to a gathering and town hall meeting of fearful townspeople in the church. A call for help can be heard from a young waitress, Mary Shaw, at the local diner to her uncle, John Howard, a professor of archaeology and ancient history, student of the occult, and member of a worldwide brotherhood of people who have an uncontrollable, mystic calling to seek out and destroy Azazel.

The local sheriff and Mary’s admirer, Vince Miller, is determined to get to the bottom of the strange happenings that terrified his deputy, Matt Pearson, so much that upon witnessing the evil that was locked in his jail cell, he jumped in his patrol car and drove as fast and far away from Spirit Falls as he could, never to return. The story culminates electrifyingly in a “Day of Reckoning” for the townspeople huddling in fear in the church as the evil demon approaches with an agenda bent on wreaking havoc, sexual gratification, torture, death, and destruction.